No one told me setting up a website would be quite this difficult.  Yes, you have to be on the computer A LOT, which I also wasn't expecting.  But the actual choosing of content and pictures and what am I going to say and where should I put this and do you think people will look at that.....all to get very close to the end and think..."what if no one even looks at my website?".  So, here it is world, flaws and all.  A website that is putting everything I love to do out in the open for you to experience with me!  Suggestions are appreciated for the betterment of me or my website, meaning, positive constructive criticism appreciated.  I would like to thank all the people who have brought me to this defining moment and the five women who in the past few weeks have made this a reality, Suzi, Rebecca, Trish, Sherry and Dawn.  Thank you ladies for the "how to" and "who to call" and the editing and artistry!  Love you all!  And for all of you interested in trips, well, Contact Me!!