To Travel Or Not To Travel, That Is The Question?

Year after year I come across more and more friends, family and just people in general that say wow you have the life I always wanted.  I travel a lot.  I travel for fun and I travel for work and yes I have no kids so it is easier.  But today I want to talk about you.  What is holding you back from traveling more?  Everyone has a reason or two but today I want to talk about time and money as it pertains to travel.  

What I hear a lot, especially when I talk about Thailand is, I need at least a month to see all of Thailand and I can't get that kind of time off of work.  Well what if you made your trip a little more specific.  Why do you want to go to Thailand?  Because you don't have to see "everything" to make it a trip of a lifetime.  What if you just want to go to scuba dive, or snorkel or golf or see the craziness of Bangkok.  Pick one thing and focus on that to narrow down your time spent on this trip.  Next money, yes the plane ticket is expensive, especially if traveling from the US but here's the thing that no one thinks about.  Let's pretend the plane ticket is $1000, and you spend seven days in one place in Thailand doing the one thing you came to do and you spend say another $1000 on that place and that one thing.  Now, I know what you're thinking because I've heard it over the last five years.  That's a lot of money for just one week and it's so far and I won't have time to see "everything".  In the last five years how many of you have gone to Vegas for a weekend?  And in the last five years how much did that short two to three days cost you?  I went to Vegas recently for a bachelorette party I was there for the last half of the weekend which was two days two nights and I flew from a not so convenient location.  I dropped $1000 on two days in Vegas.  Yes, that is right half of what it cost me to go to Thailand for the week, seven days, only afforded me two days in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Now please don't assume I didn't want to spend that money in Vegas.  I made a decision to spend that time and money on an important and special occasion.  

Annually we all have to make decisions.  Decisions like, do I go to Mexico for a week or do I buy that gym membership, that i'll probably never use, so that I can go to Mexico next year looking super fly?  We, and I include myself in this conversation because I am guilty of it to, make decisions every day that affect our time and money.  Instead of trying to save for that "vacation of a lifetime" make time to go on vacations all the time to specific locations for your specific reasons.  It doesn't have to put you in debt when you focus your trip on what you really want to do instead of doing a whole lot of everything.