“A dreamlike experience.”

I have been diving for 3 years.  Katie Lyons was my certification instructor for Open Water and for the Advanced Diving Certification. She was the most patient and attentive teacher.  She always was making sure I was OK.  She made sure my weight belt had the correct amount of weight. She would always check my gear with me to make sure everything was working properly before we entered the water.  She worked with me continually until I felt comfortable.  

We traveled to Koh Tao, Thailand in 2013 and in 2015.  She arranged everything so I didn't have any worries about accommodations and eating establishments.  Katie arranged all of the train, ferry and dive boats so all I needed to concentrate on was improving my diving skills.

I have been diving in Belize, Maui and the Big Island of Hawaii.  Not one of the Dive Masters in these locations was as attentive or concerned about depth, air tank usage, or safety stops as Katie.  She is the very best "Dive Buddy" and Instructor I have found.

If you want a fun relaxing dive trip I would highly recommend Katie.  She will take care of all the trip details for you so you can just enjoy.

Penny Kempfert, Florence AZ

“I can’t wait until next summer!”

My experience in Thailand was like no other.. 18 days traveling there was not long enough and you find yourself craving it after you leave. Katie is super easy to get along with and is very passionate about the scuba diving world! I was excited about getting certified but then after learning everything it didn't seem to come natural to me. Katie then helped me and reassured me that everything would be fine...Sure enough after another round of skills and another dive it was literally one of the coolest things I've ever experienced! I also got certified with a few friends which made the experience that much more memorable. We got lucky enough to see a bunch of beautiful sea life including a whale shark(super lucky for our first week of diving)! Not to mention the endless beaches and teal water. I want to go back and I hope to dive more with her!!  Great bonding but all
About the experience! She helped us all to feel at home

— Jena Quackenbush, Jackson WY

She is attentive, patient and has great dive ethics. On top of that she is a goofball!

— Emily Gomez Ramsey, Mexico City MX


Learning to dive with Katie at the crater

 was an incredible experience.  In just a few days Katie took me from being a tentative beginner to a much more confident and comfortable diver.  Her patience and positive attitude created a safe and fun learning environment that set me up for success in the water.   Diving with Katie was so fun that I hope I get to learn more diving skills for her soon.

-Hillary Clairmont, Jackson WY


I had an absolute blast learning how to dive with Katie! She taught me how to relax in the water, slow my breathing, and take it all in. She taught me the skills and confidence needed to take diving into the open ocean! I can't wait to do my advanced certification with her!

Meaghan Lovely, Jackson WY


I took the Open and Advanced Open Water courses with Katie on the island of Koh Tao in 2014 and hadn’t had a chance to dive again until two weeks ago in Mexico. The experience made me miss Katie. Here´s why:

The lack of information on behalf of the dive instructor and dive master was insane! There was no breakdown, no explanation about the dive site, currents and depth, what types of fish we might see... It was basically get your gear ready, jump in the water and follow us. On top of that, the dive master kept touching the coral and pushing off rocks with his fins.

Katie would never get in the water with you before giving you a detailed itinerary of your dive, making sure you understood everything and were ready and confident about it. She is attentive, patient and has great dive ethics. On top of that she is a goofball and a great tour guide! While on Koh Tao she took us around and showed us places to eat, buy essentials, party!  I highly recommend her for any type of underwater shenanigans and will keep diving with her because she is a pleasure to dive with!

— Emily Gomez Ramsey, Mexico City MX


“Stellar, professional service.”

 Katie is an amazing scuba instructor and guide. She organized a trip for myself and a group of friends to the Crater in Utah for scuba certification and it was an amazing experience. She handled all the booking for lodging and meals which really helped me and my group focus on our scuba certification and having fun.
  Katie is professional, prompt and very patient. I was having trouble with the workbook and Katie took the time to really explain everything until I fully understood. She has so much knowledge in scuba instruction and travel.
  This trip was so worth it! Katie is so fun to be around. I highly recommend her services! I really look forward to using her service again for my next trip!

— Angeline Cornelius, Jackson WY

Diving with Katie was a real pleasure.

 She has a natural charm when she communicates which puts you right at ease in what could feel like stressful situations. Down to earth, funny and doesn't miss a beat when it comes to safety. Thanks for helping me become an advanced diver!

—Amy McLeod, Abbotskerswell UK

During our trip to Mexico

 Kathleen Lyons scheduled our first ever snorkeling trip. She coordinated transportation, equipment, and the charter. As this was our first time she gave clear and concise directions, truly making the excursion a fun and unforgettable experience.

— Barb Grim, Alaska, USA

Katie was very helpful in planning my trip to Thailand.

 I traveled to Bangkok and she had set up accommodation for us, as well as suggested transportation from the airport! We met her the day before we traveled to Koh Tao and she helped us arrange an over night bus. We stopped on the way for the full moon party! It was really fun. Next we arrived in Koh Tao for a variety of accommodations. We chose to stay in a spot a little off the beach with ac! The next day we started our diving!  We had a great time learning all our skills! Katie was very patience and helpful if any of us had problems or questions!  She also suggested some great places to eat on the island! Our last day of diving we got to see a whale shark! Our trip was one for the books! I can't wait to dive with Katie again!

—Marielle Robinson, Jackson WY

Katie has a very bubbly

 and loving personality. She's a knowledgeable dive instructor who makes customers feel comfortable in and out of the water! I enjoyed diving with Katie a lot!                         —Natas Ja, Amsterdam, NE


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